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North Star Real Estate believes in providing you with the service you deserve. We offer a variety of homes in the Hampton Roads area to view on our website, and have 24 hour emergency access to the Property Manager. We believe each tenant deserves a safe place to live. That’s why we conduct a yearly safety inspection of the home.

Rental Applications

We process all rental applications on-line through our website. All applicants in the home over the age of 18 must submit an application. The cost is $35.00 per application and requires a credit card or debit card at time of submission. Applications are processed seven days a week; we respond within 24 hours. Our applications consist of job reference and income verification, credit check, eviction reports, and criminal history. A photo ID is required.

Rental payments

All rental payments are processed via our on-line payment system. Payments can be set up for automatic deduction each month, or manually entered, it’s your choice. Your payment can be made at a computer 24 hours a day and are processed at no charge when using a checking account for payment. We pay the convenience fees for you when using our system! (We do not cover credit card payment charges.) Your payments reflect on our system immediately. We do not recommend the express pay feature as it is not a fee that we cover. Payments must be paid within 5 days of the due date, or a $100 late fee will be added to the account.

If no payment has been received, the tenant shall receive a Notice of Default letter stating the amount due and timeframe for payment before the account is sent to our attorney’s office to obtain immediate judgment and possession of the property.

Maintenance Reporting

We do require all maintenance request to be in writing. Please visit our website www.hr-homes.com and choose maintenance form. Our maintenance form asks a few questions to better help us to choose the right contractor for the job.

If you consider something to be an emergency such as life threatening, electrical, flooding or fire, please contact the Property Manager immediately at 757-285-9057.

Tenant’s Responsibilities

  • Alert the Property Manager to any repairs needed to the property.
  • Replacement of light bulbs in home.
  • Changing the air filters every other month.
  • Maintaining the yard care to include cut, edge, debris removal, watering of landscaping and keeping weeds out of the flower beds.
  • Maintaining the gutters to remain clear or leaves, pine straw and debris.
  • Professional cleaning of home and carpets.
  • Tenant responsible for any plumbing clogs.
  • Scheduling and attending the yearly Safety Inspection when notified by Property Management as required by the lease.