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Company Policy Statement

Provide exceptional service to our clients with performance guaranteed.

Our performance guarantee:

If not completely satisfied, Landlord may cancel the Management Agreement with 30 day written notice.

Marketing of the Home

  • Your property will be listed on our company website (www.hr-homes.com) to include pictures of the inside and outside of the home.
  • MLS Listing, sign and tube with fliers.
  • The Owner pays no advertising fees.

Maintenance of the Home

We believe the home should be a safe place for families to live. Because of that we conduct a yearly safety inspection by a certified inspector to review heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing issues in the home.

Tenant Screening

We process all rental applications on-line through our website. All applicants in the home over the age of 18 must submit an application. The cost is $35.00 per application and requires a credit card or debit card at time of submission. Applications are processed seven days a week. Our applications consist of job reference and income verification, credit check, eviction reports, and criminal history. A photo ID is required.

Tenant Leases

A copy of the signed lease will be uploaded to your property account via our website. A security deposit will be collected and held in an interest bearing Escrow account. If pet deposits are applicable, they will be forwarded to you, the Owner, as these are non-refundable to the tenant unless otherwise specified.

Receiving Rental Proceeds

Rental proceeds will be deposited via ACH into your checking account through our on-line payment sytem. We require returning the necessary documenation along with a voided check. The rental proceeds will consist of the rent received minus the monthly management fee of 10% and any expenses incurred during the month. Monthly statements will be emailed at a charge of $10.00 a statement.

On-line Access

Through our on-line website you have free 24 hour access to monthly statements, balance sheets, leases and more!